Most of the impacts we make come from our choices, and now we opt to make positive ones. Material selection is the first step in product design. We recognize the pivotal role it plays in determining the environmental footprint of our products. That's why we're committed to sourcing eco-friendly materials that minimize harm to the planet. From sustainable fabrics to ethically sourced components, we carefully consider every aspect of our materials.

We prioritize options that are renewable, biodegradable, and responsibly sourced. By opting for eco-friendly materials, we reduce our environmental impact while delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. The petroleum-based material is always the last resort if durability is to be considered a priority. It is complex, with a lot to consider, but somehow easy with a clear mission.

We choose our materials & suppliers based on :

01 / ORIGIN     
02 / IMPACT     
06 / INTEGRITY    


"We think about our materials from two pillars -Maximizing purposes, and minimizing the impacts."

Embarking on a journey of innovation, our highlight materials continually evolve, driven by maximizing purpose and minimizing impact. With each breakthrough, we redefine possibilities, ensuring our products reflect a commitment to both performance and sustainability. Let's explore the future of purposeful and sustainable materials with us season by season.


We partner with ethical manufacturers of materials who share our values and adhere to strict environmental and labor standards. Together, we strive to create products that not only benefit our customers but also support communities and ecosystems around the world.


In a world shaped by industrial progress, the origins of materials matter. Traditional industrial chemicals, born from fossil-based raw materials, leave a significant carbon footprint. Enter the era of 'bio-based' materials—a revolutionary shift towards sustainability. Derived from renewable biomass sources like plants, animals, marine, and forestry materials, these eco-champions embrace nature's bounty. Think waste from sugar refineries, biofuel production remnants, and even resilient algae. Bio-based materials signify more than innovation; they embody a commitment to the planet. With each sustainable stride, we usher in a future where products align with nature's rhythm, echoing a harmonious cadence for generations to come.


Step into a realm where sustainability meets style, where every thread tells a story of eco-conscious choices. Natural fiber materials, derived from plant or animal sources, redefine the landscape of fashion and beyond. They are not just fabrics; they're a commitment to a greener world.


The sustainability of leather is a hot topic in for example the fashion industry, which is encountering a selection of alternative materials and sometimes confusing messaging. The fact is that properly made and sourced leather is a truly sustainable material. It is 99% made from by-products of the meat industry and it is also a durable material. These two very important aspects of sustainability prove leather can be a sustainable, circular and biodegradable material. When the tannery manages the right process of manufacturing and pays attention to transparency and traceability.


Recycled materials are the heart of our commitment to a greener future. Through the basic idea of circularity - Reuse. We breathe new life into discarded resources, reducing our carbon footprint with every step. Witness the transformative power of sustainability as we redefine waste, creating products that not only endure but also contribute to a more harmonious and regenerative world. Making conscious choices that resonate with the rhythm of the planet.


Foam not only revolutionizes comfort and performance in footwear but also contributes significantly to sustainability efforts within the shoe industry. Sustainable foam materials, such as recycled polyurethane foam and bio-based EVA foams derived from renewable sources like sugarcane or algae, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize environmental impact. By integrating sustainable solutions into shoe design, manufacturers can mitigate carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, and promote a circular economy. Thus, foam's role extends beyond comfort and performance to drive positive change towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly footwear industry.

Sugarcane EVA Foam

FSC™ Natural Rubber Foam


PU Foam for Insock

Supercritical Foam


Our company is committed to continuous innovation in techniques and materials to enhance product performance and functionality. By selecting cutting-edge feature materials and employing advanced manufacturing processes, we ensure our products meet the highest standards. From the world's strongest fibers to eco-friendly alternatives, we meticulously research and test each material for durability, breathability, and weather resistance. Our investment in state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge techniques, such as breathable waterproof membranes, waterless dyeing and 3D printing, further optimizes performance, functionality, efficiency and precision. This dedication to innovation enables us to exceed customer expectations and remain leaders in the industry.