According to our purpose, we provide products built for comfort while conserving Mother Earth's resources, that's a culture of originality and creativity with the goal of protecting the earth's environment. That's why we continue to innovate products for human health, comfort and pleasure.
To build everything with ingenuity; to take nothing but the responsibility.
Along with the transformation of our planet, it is more than imperative to make the applicable and practical environmental protection policies.
It is more of a moral obligation for humans to protect the environment from pollution and other activities that lead to environmental degradation. Importantly, environmental degradation is detrimental since it threatens the long-term health of the animals, humans and plants.
Air and water pollution, global warming, smog, acid rain, deforestation, wildfires are part of the environmental issues that we are facing right now. It is everyone's responsibility to take care of the environment, to make this planet a wonderful place to live.

Commitment to the environment: Keep it real.

  • Compliance with environmental laws regulations and the agreement of customers, industry associations, etc.
  • Reduction / removal of hazardous chemical substances in products and processes.
  • Green supply chain management: Develop sustainable materials for footwear with supply chain partners, reduce waste in the production process, and jointly explore new alternatives solutions; establish the communication mechanism on supply chain's environmental issues.
  • Proposal for sustainable material products: Assist customers in finding and adopting more sustainable / degradable material products.
  • Net zero progress: Reduce, reuse, retrench use of energy, then restrain and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Environmental volunteers: All Vanbestco employees shall participate in community environmental activities and invest in local environmental beautification and cleaning.

Actions & Facts: Keep it on.
When we carry out operational activities and internal management, those are not just for complying with legal regulations, but also committed to achieving the goal of environmental sustainability and properly protecting the nature. The timeline of the actions might be a bit slowly, but it would be surely. In the long term, the positive environment actions of a company can't only save on costs but to also become environmentally aware. We make it a complementary approach to become more eco-friendly. Still an all, a clear roadmap is something indispensable for correlating business intelligence with green initiatives. Here are the actions and facts we have thrown within Vanbestco Ltd.

Actions on our office area.
Yup, Vanbestco's employees are office workers, we work at the office. But it doesn't change our love for footwear, factories and our suppliers. Our workplace includes four offices or R&D centers in Taiwan and mainland China. Among them, the office actions and facts of Vanbestco include the Taipei and Taichung offices. Here are our actions:
  • Office supplies: power-saving supplies and recyclable, non-toxic or minimal harmful substances.
  • Waste reduction: we sort the waste, recycling, then set reduction targets; we encourage employees to use double-sided printing and reduce paper the disposable items; we encourage employees to use the disposable items.
  • Reduction and conservation:
    1. The AC in the office should be turned on at a temperature above 28 degrees Celsius as much as possible, the temperature should be set at 25-26 degrees Celsius, and the AC equipment should be regularly maintained to a high-efficiency/energy-saving state.
    2. Turn off the office lights during the daily lunch break (12:30-13:30) and control the lighting zones and off-duty hours.
    3. Use electronic forms and sign-off procedures to reduce paper consumption.
    4. Replacing outdated equipment.
    5. The business machine and computer equipment are set to sleep.
    6. Adjust the water output of the faucet.
  • Remote office / WFH minimized energy use: When our employees are working from home, we encourage them to use the air con at home in the same way as in the office; we ask employees to power off the computer if they don't use the computer for a long time (more than 30 minutes).

Our quantifiable environment goals based on facts.
Through our environment actions, we hope to reduce energy consumption year by year. In 2022, the goal is to control carbon emissions within 12.53% increasing (Vanbestco Taichung Office, VTC, opened in 2021, remarks below for details), and will follow up the goals, actions and facts.
  2021 facts 2022 goals
energy used 45,908 degrees 57,300 degrees *3
water consumption 115 degrees *1 169 degrees
Total weight of waste 0.63 tons *2 0.58 tons
total carbon emissions 31,012 kg CO2e 38,840 kg CO2e, or lower
Scope 1 total carbon emissions 1,443 kg CO2e 1,443 kg CO2e, or lower
Scope 2 total carbon Emissions 23,220 kg CO2e *4 29,087 kg CO2e, or lower *4
Scope 3 total carbon emissions 7,766 kg CO2e 8,310 Kg CO2e, or lower
* Remarks:
  1. VTC opened in November 2021, there was no record of VTC's water bill in 2021.
  2. The starting month of waste statistics in 2021 is November 2021, and it will end in June 2022, a total of 8 months, the current total is estimated.
  3. In 2021 Scope 2, the carbon emissions from VTC electricity consumption were only calculated from June 2021 (June-December). The 2022 goals include carbon emissions from electricity consumption throughout the year (January-December).
  4. The scope of the greenhouse gas inventory is the VTP (Vanbestco Taipei) office & the VTC (Vanbestco Taichung) office, and the energy use of the office (mainly electricity from Taiwan Power Company. The electricity carbon emission coefficient is based on the latest announced value of the Bureau of Energy, MOEA, Taiwan. Electricity emission factor announced in 2020: about 0.502 kg of CO2/kWh per kWh of electricity. Since the VTC office was newly opened in November 2021, the 2022 goal estimate is based on the electricity consumption in December 2021, and is summed up by the seasonal electricity consumption forecast to obtain the goal electricity consumption value.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were set up by the UN General Assembly, which set the broad and interdependent sustainability benchmark for company or organization like us. Here are the goals related to environment and green we've done some parts on:

How will we build an organizational culture that returns to care for the society? Vanbestco does its part for making impact happen, sure it's grounded and down to earth that we approach to be helpful. It starts with active community service projects with true care occurring. A Well goes the proverb," it's more blessed to give than to receive." That's why we reinvest in the community; that's also why we encourage employees to participate in voluntary services, which effects only exists among those who give selflessly.
Commitment to the community: Lift it up.

  • 0.1% equivalent or above of revenue donated to charity / community investment.
  • Every Vanbestco employee takes paid time off for volunteer service.
  • Work together with supply chain to comply with social responsibilities. Which include prohibiting forced and abusive labor, protecting child labor, providing a safe and healthy working environment, and providing a good production environment.
Actions & Facts: Blessed to give.
Just from November to December of 2021, Vanbestco community service projects and participants have provided more than 72 hours of hands-on service to several charity groups and community development associations; accompanying NT$ 560,000 donations straight to the charities in 2021, including: environmental protection, elderly welfare, juvenile care, food banks, poverty aid and others. It's just a start, it's more people who need helps and attention. Those are the things that really count, we want to see real stuff happening.

Advocate the "rights"
We champion equality and equity. We embrace diversity. It's the right thing to do, and that's how we change towards a better world. For the positive impact on the external & internal communities of Vanbestco, we should accept different ethnic groups, furthermore to create value for everyone! One of the responsibilities of a legit company likewise includes creating a friendly workplace and social equality. In fact, we implement gender-friendly and diverse ethnic groups respect in external business development and internal governance, which is the practice of social responsibility to adjust and optimize ourselves, assessing between selfishness and altruism is also a question to keep advancing.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were set up by the UN General Assembly, which set the broad and interdependent sustainability benchmark for company or organization like us. Here are the goals related to community we've done some parts on: