We are not superheroes, but we are doing the best we can to save Planet Earth.

For 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to sustainable development, building strong connections between green supply chains and brands. It won't be easy. But things worth doing rarely are. At Vanbestco, our bottom line doesn't only reflect profit, it also includes people and planet. The B Corporation is our mentor and net zero 2030 is our target. Especially we are very close to the global tipping point now. We need to walk the talk for reducing carbon emissions right away.


Natural fibers are sustainable materials which are easily available in nature. They have a lot of advantages like low-cost, lightweight, renewability, biodegradability, and high specific properties. The sustainability of natural fiber-based composite materials has led to an upsurge of its applications in the shoe industry in recent years. Anyone can say they use natural fibers for green products, but how can you be sure no dirty business is going on in the manufacturing processes? Here is our secret.

Nobody has the golden answer, but we can choose to learn from others which moves us all forward.

For footwear, material is often the biggest impact on the environment. Making material choices is often more important than making material selections. We have to make better material choices to achieve our aims of creating better and more sustainable products. Eco-friendly practices include incorporating recycled material from post-consumer waste, reducing the chemistry used in leather tanning , and saving water and energy by applying waterless dye processes.


Vanbestco's sustainable materials follow NPO standards with certification. Futher more, our factory joined the "Higg Index" to do self-assessment on our environmental impact. We hope the ethical decisions we make today, will lead the planet to a better tomorrow.